History of Champagnac Le Vieux

On the last foothills of the Livradois, before the plain of Brioude, the wooded hiltops of Champagnac are called by the local people the mounts Bitous. From the rural domain of Durbiat, we have a very large view on the Margeride, the Plomb of Cantal, the Luguet and  the Sancy. The fairs of Champagnac : the area of Champagnac favoured a happpy convergence of ways and so a certain commercial activity.At the beginning of the XVIth century, this transit encouraged to beg to the royal favour the creation of markets and fairs : since the end of  the wars, the king greatly accepted it to make the economic recovery of the country easier. The conditions of access being favourable, François 1st creates at Champagnac 4 fairs every year and 1 market every week. This favour will have a great influence on the development of  Champagnac. In this small town which grows the patricians are created. In this period of social change, the enriched landowner often buys the property of the ruined local squire, thus raising his family to the middle class.Then the reform will compromise this material prosperity. At least, the impulsion is given : protected during the periods of troubles by its walls, heritage of  a time and of a social state which go towards the end, Champagnac will see prosper its fairs and markets, factors of its wealth to be between the two mondial wars, there are still many markets and craftsmen (milliners, woden-sold shoes makers, saddlers, clog-makers, cartwrights, linen maids...) a weekly cinema, a public school and a private boarding school, 13 café bars among which 5 hotels and restaurants ! Almost every house of the village has got a cowshed with some cows, the farm activity being joined with the trade and the local crafts. And the famous three-month fairs are still very popular. Every population of the neighbouring comes on foot ,on cart or on cow-tip carts. The animals are at very special places : the cows at the calvary, the sheep at the meadow Mirable, the pigs at the square of the church and the calf at the square of the café-bar Tavernier. The 5 restaurants serve more than 50 meals each and in the village lot of people have a picnic lunch. In the evening, there is a dance in every café-bar. Nowadays,if the ageing of the population prompts to the pessimism, the village knows a revival of activity in summer thanks to the lake and its fitting-out.

Traducted in english by marie-dominique varlet written in french by

Jacques de SEAUVE and M-C FAUGERE

Etymology : Campagnius

Geographic situation : 70 km from Clermont-Ferrand and from the Puy en Velay, 16 km from Brioude

Altitude : 900 metres, summit La Chaud

Population : 277 inhabitants

About us

We are located in Old Champagnac since 1998, but we are working since 1996. Two years to test and see if we were made for this job. Marie Laurent former banker and educator social cases. We do not originate in Auvergne, but since that time we have learned to know people, to discover the region, to learn to live in the wilderness as well during the tourist season than during the rest of the year. Regarding the campsite reception, there is no school. It was in itself or you do not. Based on what our customers say I think we have. During the winter we are working to prepare for the season. Maintenance happenings we like everything is in place for your arrival. The organization, preparation, we optimize the time. We choose our team carefully each year. We give a chance to young people (teamwork in the joy and seriousness). They bring their passion, energy and ideas. We encadrons each position they occupy. We live together almost 24/24. Many of them returned from a year to another, it is a sign. We are parents of some young people more during the summer and confidant for the rest of time. As they say we are machines. For routine maintenance we have staff specifically trained and they are the village of the region. Each year group is different, but always made mayonnaise. Last year the team was called "Team Zumba" name from the choreography that we have implemented. As you can see, the site is family friendly and Auvergne delight you if you are looking for nature and authenticity. A home soon ..